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In the late 1980s, India's so-called "Bhagwan" or "Blessed One" Rajneesh (née Rajneesh Mohan Chandra Jain, 1931-1990), back once again at his old ashram in Poona, India, tried to make himself and his religious movement more marketable to suit his longstanding global ambitions for this "first true religion," all other religious movements having been "false," "sick," "failures" in his view.His attempts followed a few years of very negative publicity after a nightmarish time of crime and hardship in the USA (not a personal nightmare or hardship for Rajneesh, but certainly for many other persons, as we shall see). In response to a flurry of some two dozen emails from a Rajneesh disciple, major additions pro and con were made to this webpage (mainly from Aug. 25, 2011) in the early and middle sections up to and including my biography on Rajneesh and all the way down to the bibliographic resources section, about 70% into this long webpage.It's clear that all selves are manifestations of just ONE REALITY, ONE SELF, ONE AWARENESS.Madonna also took to Instagram to say “He Changed The World!! Remember the legend by listening to Prince’s greatest hits free on Amazon music!Hollywood Lifers – what do you think of Ananda’s message about Prince? Ananda, Sanskrit for "bliss", has been touching lives on and off screen since the age of 13.

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Indeed, it seems that a relatively small but growing number of people actually, seriously view Osho as "India's greatest spiritual master since the Buddha," as his organizers like to extol or hype him, which is quite a grandiose claim in the spiritual marketplace.

A combination of deep compassion, true intelligence, striking beauty and a big mouth has helped award winning television host Ananda Lewis reach new heights.

Her talents have garnered a wealth of achievements, yet she has only just begun!

I sat down and looked at my love life: the jumping from guy to guy, the fits of jealousy, the screaming matches with boyfriends who did nothing worse than show up a few minutes late. No one was there for me to look at and say, "This is ok guy behaviour, and this is wack." And my mom and I definitely didn't see eyes to eye, so I had no adult I could trust to talk to about sex, school, or anything I was going through. Like alot of girls, I began to rely on my friends for advice.

I know now that I shoulnd't have listened to the screwed-up stuff they were saying, but peer pressure can be so over-whelming.

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