Aperture not updating

To maintain an efficient use of disk space and adequate display speed, you can control the size of previews, from a preview image that has the full-size dimensions of the master down to a preview image that is 1280 pixels in the longest dimension.

You can also control the JPEG compression quality of the previews.

Before you try restoring from a backup to fix issues with Aperture 3, give Aperture's Library First Aid tool a chance to repair any inconsistencies.

Aperture 3 includes a new tool called Aperture Library First Aid that can correct the most common library and database issues Aperture 3 users are likely to encounter.

It supports the RAW formats from all leading digital camera manufacturers (including Canon and Nikon) and provides optimized support for such market leading cameras as the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II, Canon EOS 20D, and Nikon D2x as well as the highly popular Canon Digital Rebel and Nikon D50.

Aperture allows you to create and use JPEG previews of versions in the library.

My question is what do I do about updating the vaults after Aperture has updated the library?

You can set Aperture to create and maintain previews automatically as you add or modify versions, or you can create previews manually whenever you need them.I have two Aperture vaults on separate portable USB drives.The first time I run the new Aperture it will require updating file formats. My managed library is 418GB on an external raid array. Have tried about a half dozen times, creating new vaults (some work some dont) and updating existing vaults (never works).

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