Attitudes toward dating violence scales

Higher scores on the AMDV Scales were related to boys' past use of violence in dating relationships and to their having aggressive friends, supporting their criterion-related validity.

Higher scores on the AFDV Scales were associated with girls' past use of dating violence but not with their having aggressive friends, providing partial support for their criterion-related validity.

Future research is needed to determine whether the observed attitude change is also linked to reduction in aggressive behaviors.

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Pre- to postprogram assessments indicated that there were significant decreases in overall attitudes justifying the use of dating violence as a means to resolve conflict among students exposed to the curriculum material, whereas those who were not exposed did not show attitude change from pre- to postprogram evaluation.

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 19, 517-539.

Both teams have been affiliated with the Muriel Mc Queen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research.

Dating Violence Research Team I was coordinator of the Dating Violence Research Team.

Most self-involving video games contain some violent content, even those for children.

Tanay noted, “Anything that promotes something can be called propaganda.” What we call entertainment is really propaganda for violence.

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