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The “CSUN Conference,” as it is known in the industry, is the only one of its kind sponsored by a university.

It provides a unique opportunity for people with disabilities to have direct input on the creation of or modifications to assistive technologies intended to make their lives easier.

A Pew Research study says more than three quarters of Americans have tried online dating.

Apps like Tinder, and Plenty of Fish, and online sites like EHarmony have made online dating easier, and less of a taboo subject.

Online dating sites and apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish are changing relationships.

Online dating is a new, and some say easy way for people of all ages to start relationships.

Will late fees be attached to the fine amount on my parking citation if it is still in the appeals process? I appealed my parking citation, should I also pay the fine amount? I have a CSUN annual/quarterly permit but just forgot to display it; cant you just void this citation?

You may only file a Fee Waiver Request Form if your citation has been denied at the 1st level review process.

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Many people, whether they are young or old, are using online dating sites to build relationships.No two relationships are the same, so what’s unhealthy in one relationships may be abusive in the next.The following FAQs will help to answer some of your questions about your parking citation. “But you can go online and you find out stats, hobbies, important information instantly.” CSUN Psychology professor Luciana Lagana says these online profiles can be both revealing and deceptive.“It’s different because you don’t really have to reveal much about yourself,” Lagana said.

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