Curriculum for excellence levels consolidating

The examples, while by no means exhaustive, are meant to provide a picture of what each component might look like in practice.

These examples are, in most cases, drawn from the actual experience of teachers, gleaned from interviews and reports, and from anecdotal notes from consultants in different key learning areas.

This component is about building quality relationships, based on respect, value and care.

The teacher builds positive relationships with and values each student.

Through teacher modelling and classroom strategies based on cooperation and mutual support, an environment is created where students feel comfortable to pursue inquiries and express themselves.

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Preamble The goal of the public educational system is to provide learning environments and experiences, at all stages of human development, that are humane, just, and designed to promote excellence in order that every individual may be afforded an equal opportunity to develop to his full potential. If the office is made appointive, the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall make the appointment. It shall recommend priorities for capital construction and improvements.(E) Powers Not Vested. (2) All public institutions which exclusively or predominantly provide programs of postsecondary vocational-technical education shall be under the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors of Community and Technical Colleges.

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