Dating a banker annonymous

especially since there role in the financial crisis.Calling all City singletons: are you really bad at dating?

It declared that financial advisers for retirement accounts act as “fiduciaries” and therefore must offer conflict-free advice, avoid misleading statements, receive no more than reasonable compensation, and always act taking into account the client’s […] Among the best known of the Obama-era financial regulations is the so-called “Fiduciary Duty Rule” for investment advisers of retirement accounts.One anonymous banker, paying £200 per month, said the tailored service suited her busy schedule. This is more efficient for me.” And they say romance is dead... Laney Crowell, a then-employee of, and Megan Petrus, a lawyer, billed themselves on their blog, Dating A Banker Anonymous, as founders of a support group for the woeful significant others of former Wall Street hotshots, now tragically forced to give up nights at Nobu and Tenjune.Hate to use the term 'normal', but didn't know what else to say, just mean girls who aren't in similar industries.The responses to another thread worried me a bit (it was about wealthy men and dating essentially), I'm worried that if i become a banker the only girls i'll be able to date will be 'gold diggers' and i'd like to be able to date someone who likes me for who i am as a person (soppy, i know).

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