Dating a gemini girl

He's always alert for messages, being Mercury-ruled, which gives him a distracted look at times.The frantic busyness of life today suits his nature, and he likes to be in motion.For first dates, check out a few places, and different modes of transport -- walk, bike, taxi, train.A richly varied night is preferred to staying put in one intimate spot. This is a relation that works wonderfully during the first months, then you will both have to make some pretty serious efforts! This is where the effort should be made: somebody will have to put his/her foot down and create a solid base for a lasting relationship. and you won't even feel tired because the Air has to move in order to exist. You both are flexible, adjustable signs - maybe even too flexible and adjustable.

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There he is at the bar, checking his i Phone for messages, but eyes darting around taking in the scene.

Pay attention to excesses: two Gemini people brought together can overwork themselves, and stress is waiting by the corner!

Financially, you either hire an accountant, or go bankrupt: neither of you is very organized.

If you’re a Gemini woman and you’re just starting to date or you’ve been dating for some time and you’re having a tough time and you can’t find a date, you really need to read these dating tips.

Any dating advice involving Gemini women must begin with a profound recap of the Gemini personality.

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