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As ever we only own plot ideas and characterisations-- the rest belong to their respective owners i.e.The WWE etc))Alex Riley was hoping a new school would mean a fresh start; a chance to forget and move on with his life.Ravenna Nokomis knew that her brother's constant bragging about being the new World Heavyweight Champion was eventually going to attract the wrong attention.Rowan Nokomis knew that his sister's flawed beauty was eventually going to attract the wrong attention.

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" If and when I try to offer an answer, the response is: "But why? If I finally try to end this interesting conversation by saying, "Because I say so ...In this story, The Miz's father throws his annual Halloween bash and many WWE Superstars and Divas are in attendance.The Miz Dad doesn't know but he is about to have special encounters with three Divas tonight.But neither of them knew just how wrong said attention would be...((Another work by Future_ex and I posted on LJ being posted here.

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