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As Lauren sang "Breathless" in the background, the audience shivered. By the summer, Lauren was happy and healthy, working at the local mall and preparing for college. She agreed to see him and did so without letting anyone know. A woman's desire to fix things -- from a friend's problems to a loved one's bad day -- is almost instinctual.We'll never know what Lauren was thinking but we can guess.She aggressively raised seed funding from Social Venture Partners Arizona, and became the fast pitch recipient.That turned into a grant from the Verizon organization.

There were no photos showing her embarrassment when she bailed on her friends—again—because Jacob “sweetly” wanted her all to himself.

Mary Dunne has glistening blue eyes and a soft-spoken demeanor.

I had the opportunity to visit with her before the presentation. I told her of the girls' journey to college and asked about her work as a teacher.

And you’d definitely have zero clue that those flowers were one of his many “I’m sorry” gifts after he berated her for posting a photo he didn’t like online or accused her of cheating.

“He loved getting me flowers when he knew he’d been a jerk,” she says now.

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