Dirty webcam no credit

Your laptop's built-in webcam connects to the internet using a program on your computer (like Skype or Face Time).

The presentations will demand your best, multitasking will be a necessity, and your instructor's expectations for all of you are sky-high. Your goal for this course should be mastery of the concepts so that you will be an outstanding presenter in many settings.

Most language experts including the Associated Press and the editors of the , believe the Internet is one big specific network that people visit, so they recommend capitalizing the word “Internet.” On the other hand, the Web is populated by many different websites, so "website" is not capitalized.

It is a generic term that can be used to describe many different locations.

During the course, you will need to do the following: The following two books are rich in helpful information for designing presentations.

You may wish to purchase them as well, but they are NOT required for the course.

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