Economic recession dating

The most lucrative answer to that query requires a contrarian mindset, a willingness to look beyond popular and trendy investments in favor of assets that have been struggling. Looking into Canada to help enhance the value of your portfolio. recovery has been underway for roughly eight years, beyond historical averages, and a contraction in the U. Currently, materials such as steel and iron have been trending up, along with CRE CMBS loan defaults (also expected to rise this quarter and well into 2017).

A Coming Correction Investors need an alternative option to the U. The 15 percent foreign transfer tax has already had a huge impact on stalling sales, and per UBS, Vancouver is the world's No. Meanwhile, Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton) has been in a recession since 2014 due to a number of very familiar factors: a surging industry (NYSEARCA: OIL) spurred massive expansion in the housing sector, followed by a subsequent crash that left a large percentage of workers unemployed and new housing developments vacant or incomplete.

The same technique is applicable to all versions of Excel, though the mechanics of creating the charts in earlier versions are slightly different.

Users of other spreadsheets, such as Open Office Calc should be able to use a similar procedure.

I am in good company, as most economists and observers who have analysed the period in any depth come to the same conclusion.

Unfortunately, it remains a controversial subject, and one where political feelings still run high.

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