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Sam Seaborn: This is the wrong place to talk about guns right now.

This White House that loves the Bill of Rights, all of them - except the second one.

Looks like things are heating up in someone's love life! We can already hear the hearts breaking over the hottie's no-longer-single status! Have no fear, because it doesn't seem like this is the case!

The cutiepie singer was caught cuddling with the brunette beauty in this EXCLUSIVE picture (above), and it's got us thinking he's totally doing the dirty with this pretty gal pal!

Sam Seaborn later decorated her office (the Steampipe Trunk Distribution Venue) with posters from many of Gilbert and Sullivan's musicals, including Pinafore and Penzance.

("And It's Surely to Their Credit") As a Republican, she often held personal positions that were at odds with those of the Bartlet White House.

Harriet: Well, pay attention to that because Bruce's friend is gonna call you. Harriet: You need an agent, Ainsley, you're gonna be a star. Ainsley Hayes: I think that it is wrong for a man in your position to summon someone to the White House to reprimand them for voicing opposition.

Ainsley Hayes: Used to be, you had to sing and dance. I've been thinking about that ever since your office called me on Tuesday, and I have something to say on my own behalf, if you'll permit me a moment to say it, and I understand if you won't, but I would really appreciate it if you did. I think that that is wrong, and it is inappropriate. Leo Mc Garry: You have an interesting conversational style, do you know that?

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