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No compiler will help you ensure that the data coming into your program from the network is correct.

At Booster, we decided to rewrite our Loop Back-based API earlier this year.

The social science data archiving movement began in the 1960s within a number of key social science departments in the United States who stored original coded interview data deriving from academic surveys.

The movement spread across Europe and in 1967 the UK Data Archive (the Archive) was established by the UK Social Science Research Council (now the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)).

We are an acknowledged centre of expertise in the areas of acquiring, curating and providing access to data.

Since 2005 our archive has been designated a Place of Deposit by the National Archives allowing us to curate public records.

It is expected (and explicitly permitted) to create custom DTDs based on the HTML5.1 DTDs provided here.

The Restrictive HTML5.1 DTD XML DTDs cannot express all the conformance requirements of this specification.

We acquire high quality data from the academic, public, and commercial sectors, providing continuous access to these data while we also support existing and emerging and communities of data users.

The diverse group of authors is proactively working in the LCA field, in methodology development, data provision, data compiling, or product optimization and communication.

The authors' respective affiliations apply, assess, and support LCA; they use it as a decision support and communication tool in their organizations or along value and process chains and to discuss with stakeholders.

In my mind, Type Script is a supplement for mature JS dev teams with a lot of unavoidable complexity in their business logic.

For most Java Script apps, runtime type casting is all you need. Static typing was designed for the good old days when network interaction was an afterthought in programming.

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