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Rehearsals involve up to nine days in Plainview, Texas, and then nine days in Ruidoso. One, it is an opportunity to perform on the Spencer stage, an acclaimed regional theater stage.

Room and board will be provided at both places and due to the last minute request, the actor would not have to be there for all 18 days of the rehearsals. Two, Wayland's theater productions are quality shows and are great learning experiences.

An Iranian bride waits for her groom during a mass wedding ceremony at the country's grand hall in Iran's Interior ministry building in central Tehran August 19, 2007.

Mehrnaz Samimi writes that the Iranian government has been taken by surprise by Internet dating, as it has by so many other aspects of Iran’s increasingly sophisticated modern culture.

He was the founder and National Director of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) of the Orthodox Union.

He subsequently served for close to twenty years as the head of the Orthodox Union as its executive vice-president.

Rabbi Stolper is a disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner and studied at the Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin and at its Kollel Gur Aryeh in Brooklyn.

He holds degrees from Brooklyn College and the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research.

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Don't throw kisses around - treat them as something valuable to be used with discretion. Under a second or two could be a useful rule, I suppose.Long, passionate kissing definitely should be avoided.And French kissing is out--it's purpose is to be passionate and suggestive, not to express pure affection (plus, the stuff with the tongues just seems tacky, in my opinion).See Newsweek Now young Iranians are using the app to find companions for a night, or a lifetime.Not long ago, young men and women would ride around in cars at night and cruise for possible assignations.

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