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But I hope that once they decided to cast me, that there's a certain amount of me that they're bringing in, in terms of sense of humor.

And I think they've sort of been testing us all in certain episodes to see what they can do with our characters, and mine has been going off on an interesting track." Tapping recalls the pilot episode was "very much 'Let's get to know who these people are' and Carter comes across Amanda as Samantha Carter as very strong, very committed, I would say something of a hardass, in that she feels she has to prove something to these men that she's dealing with.

Tapping was aware early on of the possibilities of a career in the dramatic arts. In high school, she won the Dramatic Arts Award and the Environmental Science Award . Then a further four years studying theatre and stage productions.

Her character, Captain Samantha Carter -- or Sam -- was written before she was cast: "I wasn't even a thought in their minds when they were creating her.TV Guide: , of course were interlopers in your domain?Or was it fun to work with new blood, see new faces? I don't know whether I should even allude to this, but one of the ideas back then was that if I left the show, it would be the end of it. Anderson: I didn't know that part, but I was adamant with [executive producer] Brad [Wright]and Robert [Cooper] and anybody else who was in a position to listen, that it should forge ahead no matter what.“There could be a little bit of overlap.” On the convention stage next were Brad Wright and Robert C.Cooper, who stopped in as special guests at the convention to conduct a panel on is being shot, Stargate’s lack of recognition in Canada, and more. (Crave) Watch Rachel Luttrell and Connor Trinneer In Short Film Zarg Attack!

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