Patricia clarkson dating campbell scott

Netflix, which may have timed its announcement to coincide with Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony, has put a definite date for the show's return."House of Cards" will be delayed for three months from the usual Netflix schedule of a February release.The political drama dropped a menacing new trailer on America's Inauguration Day, heralding the arrival of its fifth series on May 30.

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No details have been given regarding the nature of their roles, though both performers are expected to feature prominently.

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In Willimon's place, senior writers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese have stepped up to be the showrunners for season 5.

Willimon has left the show to attend to running the Action Group Network, The Daily Express reports. "Frank" Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will most assuredly come back, the rest of the cast members are still uncertain.

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