Quickie sex hook ups

Because here's the key: If you're capable of a high-quality quickie together, then you're capable of high-quality sex, at any time, any length.

After all, anyone can memorize enough moves to last all night—but only a few can pull off the one that makes you weak at the knees in three seconds flat.

Bad sex, on the other hand, is acutely aware of time—how much time has passed, how much is left, and can you please hurry up, I'd like to beat rush hour?

Bad sex is interminable sex, the kind where neither party knows how to get the other one off, so you just keep plugging away, hoping for a miracle, cluelessly bopping your bodies together in a useless game of erotic Whac-A-Mole.

While, for singles, there’s seldom a shortage of no-strings quickies on offer, it’s for those in relationships that playing it fast and loose can bring particular benefits.

I have been to Walt Disney World almost 100 times (yes, really), and I refuse to believe it’s a place just for kids.

In fact, if it were up to me, babies and toddlers would not be allowed in.

So if a guy breaks me off, shows me what he's got and orgasms start rolling in under a minute?

One of the things the i Phone excels at are geolocating apps that crowd source data from i Phone users nearby to arrange meetings and identify cool areas of interest in your immediate vicinity.

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