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Shifting the emphasis to her doesn't quite work. Lawrence's Mellors was a bit of a bully, too, and that left poor Connie choosing between jerks.It would be more damaging if Bean wasn't so forceful. Russell gives Connie -- and us -- a much better choice. Lawrence's vision was awfully bleak, and had no room for Connie to grow up. Lady Chatterley, whose husband was paralyzed in a war, is faced with the prospect of living the rest of life completely unfulfilled sexually, emotionally and maternally. Lawrence's novels, from which the movie was adapted, addressed some very touchy subjects of the 1920's English culture: sexuality and the dichotomy of the social classes.As such, his version will see a newly empowered Lady Chatterley as "more confident and troubled" than her original incarnation, as the "dated, misogynistic" messages of the book are replaced.Writing in the Telegraph, Mercurio said: "Given the subject matter, the issue of nudity and sexual acts was something we discussed at length before shooting the film.

But despite the lack of overt nudity, BBC bosses hope their new version, which features three sexual encounters between Constance and Mellors, will deliver its own erotic charge.Imagine the conflict is not class but race, and you'll get an idea. The class divisions are laid out, but there's nothing like the sight of him shoveling coal to bring it home. On top of all that, he found himself genuinely in love, which was still more frightening. His fears, his courage, his joys and his could be more naked than that.There's a reason the book was called "Lady Chatterley's Lover." Lady Chatterley had Lawrence's sympathy, but the lover was his hero.Joely Richardson is a pretty thing, and manages some sympathy for Connie - who just wants to be a decent human being.I was too often aware I was watching her Act, especially when naked. James Wilby had pretty much perfected the upper class twit, though the vitriolic nastiness he brings to Chatterley is probably the acme of his career.

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