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So I like that, and it’s different than who I am, for sure.

Um, but I can really relate to her because there’s a huge freedom in playing somebody who doesn’t, who’s not really seeking to be liked.

“It was an extremely dramatic moment but it gave us a place to go.” The more comedic moments also stick out.

“I remember one where Jane was preparing Maura to go undercover and Maura was so excited she was like a kid coming out of her skin,” Alexander says.

) and her husband, director Edoardo Ponti, purchased was a far cry from the airy and bright space you see today. It had a lot of dark, painted walls—like dark blues, reds, and oranges—so it felt a little like a caveman’s house,” Alexander says.

Interior designer Estee Stanley (also Domaine’s editor-at-large) adds that the walls were faux-finished in Tuscan-style oranges and reds.

Alexander, Ponti, and Stanley were all in agreeance about one thing, though: the Spanish-style home had fantastic architecture, including beautiful archways, elegant built-ins, and charming windows.

I like the fact that she is comfortable with Jane and comfortable with certain people but not with all. I look at that part as like a huge strength, you know, sometimes I don’t know how to explain it.“And all the while Jane’s trying to calm her down and get the mic on her.” Harmon says she enjoyed the season seven premiere where she spent a night cavorting in a Vivienne Westwood dress: “I was barefoot on the Paramount lot being a badass and shooting guns and that’s my thing.” Harmon also cited the episode where the show laid to rest Barry Frost, following the suicide of actor Lee Thompson Young.“This is the first time I’ve spoken about it, but it was my favorite one because of the kindness that was shown to us as a show and cast and a family,” Harmon says. They needed that kind of closure and we needed to be respectful to his family.” Jane Rizzoli eulogized Frost, but it was clear Harmon was also mourning the loss of Young.Sasha was in a number of independent films after graduating from the University of Southern California’s film school before going on to land lead roles in a couple of short-lived shows: Presidio Med, playing Dr.Jackie Colette, and the ABC drama “Wasteland”, in which her portrayal of an overworked publicist obsessed with the dating scene in New York helped her secure a recurring role on the popular teen show, “Dawson’s Creek.” Sasha received critical praise and widespread media attention playing Gretchen Witter, the sister of Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson).

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