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Unfortunately, it can be even more challenging when you’re in vocational ministry.As professional clergy, navigating the space between public and private isn’t always easy.Our desire is to be passionately helpful to you in student ministry by providing you with Bible studies, resources, camps, mission projects, and leadership tools.We exist to serve you in your mission of making disciples.Seemingly every minute of each day is accounted for and we haven’t even sat down to prepare for Sunday’s sermon.Unexpected phone calls in the middle of the night detailing emergencies and the overwhelming feeling that no matter how you lend yourself to your staff and congregation there will still be a disgruntled member is enough to make anyone want to escape God’s call altogether.In the sexually charged climate of this society, they are given all the more reason to try and prove us wrong.

When it comes to the area of dating, responding to our kids hasn’t changed.The girl who’s brokenhearted because her boyfriend of six whole weeks just dumped her? The boy who doesn’t want to attend youth group on Sunday night with his ex-girlfriend after they broke up the night before?You obviously don’t want to lose him forever, but his decision to skip that one night might even be reasonable.I was hoping the person on the other end truly had found a better alternative to my advice since clearly not having taken it.I was hoping the historical track record of humanity was going to be redirected by this person.

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